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Ceyron Cran Owner/President

Dear Homeowner,

If you’re reading this message right now it’s probably  because you have a pest problem…or maybe just a question…and you’re searching for someone who can help you. If that’s true please keep reading because you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Ceyron Cran. I’m the owner/president of Loyalty Termite and Pest Control, Wilmington, DE. We’re a full-service termite and pest control company dedicated to helping homeowners just like you solve their pest problems and live pest-free lives!

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your most valuable possession. You want to protect it from damage and contamination from termites, roaches, rats, mice and other unwanted pests.

You want to deal with pest control company you can TRUST to do the job RIGHT.
You want a company that will get rid of your pest problem
You want to pay a FAIR PRICE and not one penny more.
You want a company that offers a GREAT GUARANTEE and stands behind it 110%.
You want to know that if you ever do have a problem…or simply a question…that answer will be only one phone call away 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

I you answered YES to any of the above questions, please keep reading and find out why Loyalty Termite & Pest Control is the number one choice for termite and pest control in the Wilmington area.

Our No Risk, 100% “Make You Happy” Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee: “If you hire us to get rid of your bugs and, at the end of 30 days, you are not 100% Happy…we’ll come back and retreat your home for FREE…and we’ll keep on treating it for FREE until you tell us you’re happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy we’ll give you back every penny you spent for the original treatment…PLUS…we’ll even pay YOU an additional $25.00 for your time and trouble!” (Try finding another pest control company with the confidence to make you that offer.)

BOTTOM LINE: You will be happy with our service or you won’t pay a penny…period! That’s how confident we are in our high degree of customer service and our commitment to doing the job right!

We also have an entomologist (bug scientist) on staff who is only one phone call away, 24/7 in case we ever have an issue or a question about any pest situation we might encounter in or around your home or office.
We offer a FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office, inside & out, top & bottom.

Listen…I want to be YOUR Bug Man. All I’m asking for is a chance to PROVE to you that we are the very BEST. And that’s why I’m willing to put MY name and money on the line with my UNMATCHED GUARANTEE that removes all of the risk for you the homeowner.

So…if you’ve got a pest problem…or simply a question…call Loyalty Termite and Pest Control  at 302-386-3999 and ask for me, Ceyron Cran.
I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime!

Here’s to helping YOU live PEST FREE,


PS. We offer FREE Consultations and FREE Estimates.

PPS. And don’t forget to ask about our FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!

Sam Sailer
Sam Sailer
Ceyron and the team are amazing. He is always available and is incredibly professional. I cannot recommend them enough
Jessica Brenneman
Jessica Brenneman
Ceyron was helpful, reassuring, and very professional. We signed on for a year of service with him to help get a handle on our mice and spider crickets. We didn’t see any more mice within 3 days of his first visit.
Felecia Fax
Felecia Fax
We had been having some issues with mice in one of our rental properties. My tenant was so fearful of mice, which I completely understand. We had tried other companies but my tenant continued to have problems. Once we signed on with Loyalty Termite & Pest Control my tenant no longer has any mice issues. It's been close to a year! Great company great work!
Wayne and Judi Anderson
Wayne and Judi Anderson
The owner is very professional and handled the problem regarding a mouse infestation quickly. He also took the time to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend him.
Erica Hendrix
Erica Hendrix
Whenever I’ve had an issue he has came swiftly and full of knowledge. Cyron has brought not only his equipment but his jive spirits as well which made me comfortable to open the doors of my home. I’d recommend him to the world he’s a great guy and his work speaks he goes above and beyond. Definitely the guy for the job!
Skateboard Transport
Skateboard Transport
Ceyron has been to my house on 3 different occasions. We had a great experience, our 1st experience is one for the books lolz (too funny to disclose 🤣🤣🤣🤣). The mice were more than we expected (they ate all the bates tho) & upon calling him and letting him know he came back and refill the bates. Let me say that 2nd round did the trick. The next day I started finding dead mice. I think we found the last 1 today (luckily they dying out where it’s easy to find and dispose of. All in all it was worth it and we’d recommend This company to anyone. Ceyron is very professional and He’ll definitely get the job done. Thank you, Whitney!!

*This coupon applies only to new yearly customers. One time, renewed, and commercial customers this does not apply.

You’ll be living comfortably knowing that you have
a worry-free and pest-free home again

For your business and customers
a safe work environment is required.

COVID-19 Update


We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic our customers and employees are concerned about their health and safety, and so are we which is why we make it our first priority to ease the minds of all. Since we are considered an ‘essential service’  we will continue to serve our customers by taking the necessary measures to deem the safety for all.

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