Bed Bugs Big Problem in Wilmington Delaware, Where Do They Come From?

Woman with magnifying glass detecting bed bugs on mattress, closeupHey, this is Ceyron with Loyalty Pest Control here in Wilmington, Delaware. And if you have a pest problem, please just give us a call 302386399. Here long the past we like to say we make pest our problem, not yours. So today’s topic, we’re going to be discussing bedbugs. You know, bedbugs. You’ve heard the stories, you know, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. And, you know, really over the past, you know, 1020 years, we’ve seen a resurgence in bedbugs. I mean, because you know, hey, I think about when I was growing up. Bedbugs weren’t really an issue, you know, you heard about them. But primarily only in you know, like that story. I never see I never saw them. I never knew what they were. Then I got into the pest control industry. And boy, oh, boy, these things are, you know, they’re a nightmare. You know, they are voracious beasts. So, you know, just here today to answer a few questions. You know, from, you know, some things that some of our customers have been asking, with regards to bedbugs and our services, and you know, how to get rid of them, you know, where they come from all that good stuff. So, let’s just get started. So one of the questions, first questions is, where do the where, like, Where have bedbugs come from? Where do these things come from? So, that’s a good question, you know, you know, to really pinpoint and say, you know, because there’s a lot of different theories about, you know, just generally where bedbugs come from, you know, they came over from Asia, or maybe you’re off to different countries and things like that, but to really, really, absolutely say where they’ve come from, it’s kind of hard to really pinpoint, but we know that they’ve been around for for a long time, you know, you know, and really, within the past, I’d say about 2020 years or so, you know, take about 10 to 20 years or so, you know, they’ve been a lot more prevalent. And, you know, you think about a reason why is because, you know, back in the day, you know, and 70s and things like that, when they were 70s 80s they used to use products, like DDT, for pest control, I mean, you know, products that were highly toxic, and they were just pretty much you know, just spraying it everywhere, you know, hotels, homes, you know, just, you know, you know, different hotels, motels. And this was keeping the bedbug population now, you know, this was keeping the, the roaches down. So, you know, now with a little bit more research, and they’ve come to discover that these products like, you know, like I said, like DDT are, they’re toxic, they are carcinogens, you know, so, you know, you know, causing cancer. So, you know, the industry obviously, you know, shifted into direct the other direction using different type of products. Some, you know, take a little bit longer the work, you know, than others. Wasn’t that just like atomic bomb for, for bedbugs or for pest and so, you know, people are traveling more. And then now look, you see this, you see this resurgence in bedbug activity. So, so yeah, so another question was, you know, okay, yeah, so we see this resurgence and activity, but, you know, how do you get and, you know, so when you think about how you get bedbugs, that’s the other thing too. bedbugs, you know, can come from just about anywhere. It’s really almost like that little known secret that these, you know, pest control, those guys don’t want you to know, that, you know, really bedbugs can come from, you know, you could you know, you could take an Uber, you could stay at a hotel, you know, they could be in the, you know, luggage, maybe somebody you know somebody who had bedbugs and threw the mattress out, you know, you go out, you know, throw it in the trash, you go out to the trash, you dump your trash out ups, you know, you get a bedbug on your shoe, on your pants, you know, any, you know, something like that, I mean, they come just from about anywhere. And the thing about bedbugs is that, you know, between meals, they can go months without having a blood meal and surviving, you know, particularly in a, you know, like in a favorable environment, they they can go a very long time, you know, laying dormant and, and then, you know, once they come close to a blood source or bloodmeal then you know, the they’ll they’ll just jump on the opportunity.

And, you know, speaking of which, you know, the next question becomes, well, you sure these big buttons come from anywhere but how do you know if you have bedbugs? How do you know if you have bedbugs? Well, most people find out that they have bedbugs. You know, somebody, you know, some people will find out that they have them by either either they’ve gotten gotten bitten. They’ve actually seen the bedbugs themselves. Or they noticed what the blood marks from the bedbugs. So, so, when a bedbug bites you know, you know when they when they bite you they actually the posit some some of their fecal material, which is basically like your blood with the fecal material mixed in there. And you can actually see it on the sheet somewhere on the bed. And it’s usually like in a star shaped pattern. It’s interesting. But also to people will know because you know, they’re sleeping, they’re rollover, or, you know, sometimes you know, you know people in their sleep, they they may or may not feel something, you know, in their sleep, but it’s interesting about bedbugs, they actually have a an anesthetic that they inject into your skin, so you do not feel them actually biting you when they they’re putting their that piercing sucking mouth Park and sucking out the blood. So you know, you don’t smack them or something like that. So you really don’t know. And they are attacked there. They detect where you are by you the the carbon dioxide that we breathe out the warm carbon dioxide that we breathe out. And so that’s primarily why you’ll see them near the beds, near the beds near where the person is, or wherever they sleep is that going to count, you go see him near the couch or on the bed they’ve seen they’re on the bed. You know, it’s pretty interesting about how they work that way. And that lends to where you will see most of the bedbugs. You’ll find them either on you know you’ll find less of them on the actual mattress itself. And the reason why is because you know people change their sheets often. You know you’re moving around, you know on the bed. But they’re going to be in places where they’re not disturbed as much where they you know, they’re there. They’re comfortable, they’re hiding. They love those tight spaces. So you know, the boxspring looking underneath the boxspring is probably where you want to find most of the bedbugs the back of the headboard. You’ll see the bedbugs in their eggs, you know furniture that that’s near the bed, you’ll see them there as well. So, you know, just a lot of different areas where you can look and find bedbugs. You know, the best tool really and getting rid of them is is the flashlight. So taking that flashlight. At least that’s how we’re trained and you know, looking in those particular, you know those particular areas for bedbugs. So, now you might ask, okay, well, now I know I have bedbugs. I know where they’ve come from. I know what they look like, how do I get rid of them? Now, that is the question No. So there are a number of ways to get rid of bedbugs. But you know, you really have to have a very nice detailed and calculated plan on how to do that. You know, some products that you get from the store, you can go in the house and you can set off bombs, or you can spray but the problem with a lot of the products is they are repellent products. You know, they’re designed in a way to kill on contact. So you can kill bedbugs and you’ll be fine for you know, a day or a month or something like that, and you’ll be fine. But then all of a sudden, you know, a month later, two months later, boom, you know, you’re seeing them again, they’re coming back why well because those residual those, excuse me those repellent products, they use the areas that you spray them in the bedbugs, you know, you might you killed someone contact or what have you, but those that are hiding those cracks and crevices, you know, those are the survivors. You know, bedbugs are good at surviving this, how, you know, they just proliferate, you know, so easily, you know, one female bedbug can lay up to, you know, anywhere from like five to eight eggs a month. So, you know, those hatch out and those, those females do the same thing. So you could imagine the numbers. You know, you can get hundreds of bedbugs in a very short period of time. So, you know, that’s why they’re good at what they do.

So the products really do use our non repellent products and many of those and in the way that you use the products, really finding, you know the areas where the bedbugs are in and those non repellents really are really nice because you know, they bedbugs are what we call the thing that philic and so, and they’re also like, you know, gregarious in a sense where they like to be near other bedbugs. And so those products will get on them, though they’ll transfer to each other, and you know, kill that population of bedbugs. You know, in that particular room or what you know, in the home. Yeah, and so also to, you know, the bedding the sheets, you know, drying them, you know, putting the nose wash on, you know, with hot water, or putting them in the dryer, you know, anywhere from 140 to 100 and 120 150 degrees are going to kill the bedbugs in their eggs. You know, if you feel like something that’s somewhat clean already, use thrown into dryer and spy, put it on a cycle of high heat and that’s going to get rid of them. You know also to Steaming is excellent, excellent way to be able to get back get rid of bedbugs in their eggs. Find the areas where the bedbugs are, you can use the steam, and then you know that that high heat is going to kill the bedbugs. And some people use what’s called diatomaceous earth DTE which is basically just finely ground out ground up. Like crustaceans shells, basically. And what happens is the bugs crawl through it and it it essentially just tears apart their exoskeleton and all of their in inside their contents will spill out that way. So you know a lot of different products that you can use. And that really save them dt is it’s you know, it’s non toxic. You know, for people have allergies and things like that. It’s it’s hypoallergenic. You know, one of the ways that you know things that you can use to get rid of bedbugs. So, you know, what, if they come back, you know, what, if you hire me to treat and come back, well, here’s the thing, here’s our guarantee. Florida pest controls guarantee, if you hire us to come out and treat for your bedbug problem in 30 days, you’re not, you’re not 100% Happy, we’ll come back and we’ll stream for absolutely free, no cost to you. And we’ll keep on retreating until you’re 100% happy. But if for some reason you’re still not happy, we’ll return every penny that you pay for your bedbug treatment plus, you’d be $25 on top of it just for your time. So that’s how confident we are that we’ll get rid of your bed bug infestation here along with your pest control. So you know if you have any other questions, please give us a call 302-386-3999 or you can visit us at www dot loyalty And there’s also a section there on the website where you can ask questions and things like that. I’ll get right back to you. If you have any questions regards, you know, bedbugs or the treatments or the process, or what we’ll do, what that detailed plan looks like for your homes specifically. Okay. So yeah, leave all your bug problems behind call 3023639999 it’s it’s true. We have many happy customers you can see go on our website and look what’s you know, they’ve been saying about us, you know, regards to our bed bug treatment and also to our other services. So again, your loyalty pest control, we like to say that we make pest our problem, not yours.

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