Can Cats Help with Mice In Wilmington Homes?

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Hey, this is Ceyron with another episode of Loyalty Pest Control. Thanks for tuning in and listening. Just wanted to talk to you about just a few things, a few questions that some customers had. So, so here’s a question if I get a cat, does that mean that I will never see mice again? Well, that’s a really good question. You know, because you have a cat and we love cats. Cats are great. You know, so, you know, little fuzzy girl cat’s name right now. But yeah, cat counts are great, wonderful, wonderful pets. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have mice. Well, here’s a reason. So mice, they know and understand that predators are nearby. But you know, mice don’t live very long, about two years. So in some cases, they, a, they’ll risk it to get the biscuit, literally. So they may be hiding out in walls in areas where the mice where the cats aren’t, or can’t get to them very easily. And at night, the ethics expression goes, Why the cats are away, the mice will play. So at times at night, you know, they can come out and grab a little little bite of food, they only need something really small about the size of maybe an M&M, smaller, really come out, grab the food, go back into the wall. So yes, it’s still possible for you to have mice if you have a cat. But don’t get me wrong. Cats are great bouncers, they are you know, I’ve seen cats catch quite a few mice in one day. But, you know, you still want to be able to do things to be able to prevent mice from entering into your home, or doing things that are going to be able to make or control the the amount of mice or a mouse that might be in your home. So but I can’t help but you know, it’s it’s still possible to have mice. Alright, so yeah, there’s just a little thing I wanted to talk about with the pest control unit. You know, you’re like we’d like to say, we made pest our problem, not yours. And so if you have any other questions, give us a call 302-386-3999  Thanks again.

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