Wilmington Delaware Has Mice, Rats and Rodents…Yuck!

Hi, my name is Ceyron Cran with Loyalty Termite and Pest Control here in Wilmington, Delaware serving Delaware, Chester County, Delaware County, and some parts of Philadelphia. Oh, today want to talk about mice, and why they are such a nuisance. Will the nuisance of course, join your food, food products, food and why they’re […]

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Bed Bugs Big Problem in Wilmington Delaware, Where Do They Come From?

Hey, this is Ceyron with Loyalty Pest Control here in Wilmington, Delaware. And if you have a pest problem, please just give us a call 302386399. Here long the past we like to say we make pest our problem, not yours. So today’s topic, we’re going to be discussing bedbugs. You know, bedbugs. You’ve heard […]

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Cockroaches in Wilmington Delaware and What To Do About Roaches!

All right. So today we have the owner of Loyalty Termite and Pest Control in Wilmington, Delaware. Ceyron Cran. How are you doing Mr. Ceyron? Oh, well, I’m doing great. I’m doing great. I’m glad to be here to talk about a little bit about bugs. Yes. So we’re so excited to have you here. […]

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COVID-19 Update


We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic our customers and employees are concerned about their health and safety, and so are we which is why we make it our first priority to ease the minds of all. Since we are considered an ‘essential service’  we will continue to serve our customers by taking the necessary measures to deem the safety for all.

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