Cockroaches in Wilmington Delaware and What To Do About Roaches!

cockroaches in delawareAll right. So today we have the owner of Loyalty Termite and Pest Control in Wilmington, Delaware. Ceyron Cran. How are you doing Mr. Ceyron?

Oh, well, I’m doing great. I’m doing great. I’m glad to be here to talk about a little bit about bugs.

Yes. So we’re so excited to have you here. And today, we’re actually going to talk about cockroaches. I know I can’t stand cockroaches and amid I’m pretty sure the audience cannot stand. The listeners today can’t stand cockroaches either. They’re not cute. And nobody wants them in their house, including myself. So I’m so glad that you’re here to just give us a little more information about cockroaches. So I guess the first question would be What are cockroaches?

Well, you know, cockroaches really have been around since the dawn of time. They are certainly a nuisance pass. But the reason why these guys these little insects are so prolific is because they can eat just about anything. And they reproduce so quickly. You know, one cockroach egg or ootheca egg capsule, they can lay about 50 cockroaches in an egg. And so and it only takes them about two months or so to sexually mature. So they can go ahead and do that same cycle over and over again. So you can have our 1000s 1000s of cockroaches, you know, within six months or even a year of the infestation. So cockroaches are definitely a nuisance pests. And if you find them in your home, you want to be able to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Wow, that is so fascinating. I did not know that they reproduce that quickly. Well, just thinking about that, where do they actually come from?

You know, that’s a really good question. Because cockroaches are so prolific in that way. You know, really, they can come from a number of places. It could be a shipping product that it you know, had arrived to your home, it could be you went to the grocery store and something was in the back where you went to someone’s house that had cockroaches in one fell in a bag or where a fell on a piece of article of clothing or something. So there’s just numerous ways usually a cockroach is some some way introduced into the home or it could be a neighbor that may have cockroaches, but below are above or next to you. So just and those are just a few ways that cockroaches can be introduced into your home.

Hmm, that’s very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing that. Well, I guess the next question would be how can I even get rid of them?

You know that that’s a really good question because there are quite a few things that you can do to get rid of cockroaches. One limit their food source making sure that the home is there really clean. You know they just limiting any access that they would have to food, things like that. Making sure you don’t leave anything out overnight. You know that the cockroaches can get into but from a pest control standpoint, there are things that here at Liberty pest control are licensed and certified professionals are able to do there are a number of different baits that can be applied to the home that they don’t smell you don’t notice that they’re there. They’re put in cracks and crevices where the cockroaches Hi, roaches are what they call something called thigma felt thigma philic and so that they like to be in tight spaces. You know preferably out the way most of the time you’ll see him come out at night. When you when you turn the light when you turn the lights on you see him scurrying but you know usually they’re out at night. But during the day, good exterminator can find some of the places where the cockroaches hide or go right to them place the bait there and it’s highly attractive to the cockroaches. And once again, like I said there’s no smell on the you can use a number of sprays and a very heavy heavy infestation sure to be able to get rid of a high number very quickly. But also to the the baits are very effective at getting rid of cockroaches.

Very, very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing that. So I guess some people would like to know, using these, these baits or these sprays are they safe around people? Are they safe around children? Are they safe around Animals?

Yes, yes, great question. Absolutely. These products, they are safe, as long as they’re used according to the label specifications, which they are, like, once again, we are certified professionals to be able to use these products, they are placed in inconspicuous locations, locations that, like I was mentioning earlier, you may not even notice that they’re there. Or the young child pad or anything like that, they’re only places where the cockroaches are going to be able to get to them. And, and so absolutely, the sprays are safe. They are, you know, labeled to be used inside of the home by the products manufacturer. And so, you know, these these, in fact, they’re in such a low concentrations, what will happen is the cockroaches will crawl through them, get them, they will crawl through them, they won’t even notice that these products are there, and then share it rub against these other cockroaches. And then that’s eliminating the the infestation.

Wow, that is very interesting. I didn’t know that when they rub against each other. They can get the bait on them as a result and die from that. So how long does it usually take depending on the infestation? How long does it usually take for a person to see results?

Well, you know, they can start to receive see start to see results within 24 to 48 hours after the the roaches starts to ingest. Like I said they’re very, they’re very, so they’ll start eating the bait right away. So within the first 24 to 48 hours, the customer, they’ll start to see notice a difference, you’ll start to see dead cockroaches in you know start to see the dead cockroaches. So it works relatively quickly, we can say that we can get rid of the infestation. Overall, a total infestation, depending on how bad it is anywhere from you know, two to maybe four, four weeks.

Wow, that’s awesome. Now my infestation is gone. I don’t see anymore. I’m so grateful. So how do I prevent them from coming back?

Well, it’s good to have a regular maintenance program, you know, us, you know, coming by, you know, every maybe three to four months, having someone to check and make sure that we don’t see any signs any evidence of cockroach activity, some of the droppings or egg casings, as we were mentioning earlier, make sure we don’t see anything like that. And a regular man, you know, a regular treatment, that’s something preventative. You know, just something that’s already down. Just in case that, you know, cockroaches do come back or something another roaches introduced into the environment. And, you know, just those regular things that were mentioned, making sure that, you know that that, you know, we limit their food sources well in their environment.

Okay, and the last question that I’m pretty sure everyone is dying to know, um, you know, you gave us such great information. And I’m sure this will motivate a lot of people to want to call you and get a service done by you because of the knowledge that you’ve just shared. The last question would be why should someone call Logie Termite and Pest Control to get rid of their cockroaches?

Know that? Yeah, that’s a good question too. Well, not only that the cockroaches, they are a nuisance pest, but a lot of people don’t know, but they actually their dander or droppings contribute to asthma, particularly in children, some adults as well. Some of those that may have a compromised immune system or breathing problems or things like that people want oxygen really want to be you know, they really want to be mindful and try to get rid of the infestation as fast as they can. But if you do call us here at lowly pence, we have our guarantee. And our guarantee is if you call us to get rid of your cockroaches, we’ll come out and treat for you in 30 days, you’re not 100% happy. What we’ll do is we’ll come out and retreat for absolutely free, no cost to you. And we’ll keep on retreating until you’re 100% happy. But if for some reason you’re not you’re still not happy. What we’ll do is we will return every penny that you paid for that initial treatment. Plus, we’ll give you $25 On top of that, just for your time so that’s how confident we are that will get rid of your cockroach infestation.

Wow. So this is a like a risk free situation yours

Yeah, yeah, no there’s a there’s no risk to you at all. You know we want to make sure listen, you know it’s your hard earned money and you know you’re spending it with us. You’re not going to pay a penny if your problems not so off.

Well you know what, thank you so much, Mr. Cran. It was so nice to have you here on our show today. And I’m sure the listeners will be giving you a buzz.

Ah, I caught that they’re given me a buzz. That was a good one. Yeah, I hope they do. Yeah, please give us a call. Loyalty Pest Control. 302-386-3999. We can be reached there we serve. Delaware, Delaware County, Chester County, some parts of Philadelphia as well. So yeah, give us a call. You know if you have a bug problem. If you want your bugs going call Loyalty!

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