Drugstore Beetles and Pantry Bugs are in Wilmington!

Welcome to another episode here at Loyalty Termite and Pest Control the lowly Termite and Pest Control podcast. Well, today we’re going to talk about something that one of our customers had an issue with. And usually on the show, that’s what we try to do, we just try to identify some things in the field or things that we come across in the field that can help our listeners. So we got a call from a customer saying that she had these little tiny bugs crawling around in her cabinets in her kitchen. So I asked, How long have they been there, she said, well, she’s been noticing them for a few weeks, she first saw them and sprayed them down and with some raid, and then wiped up everything in her kitchen cabinets, and they were gone, she didn’t see any more. And then she went back a couple of days later. And then it was the same thing. In fact, it looked like there were even more. So I said, Hmm, sounds interesting. It sounds like they could be what we call in the industry, a drugstore beetles are in the category of stored pantry pest. And these are insects that are going to infest wheat grain type of products that maybe have been sitting for a while, and the larvae have hatched and then now the beetles are or the those adults are starting to eat what’s inside of those packages that we get in the proteins and in such from what’s going on in the package. So we went out to the police and sure enough, they were drugstore beetles, and one of the things is to really get rid of them. You can do a number of ways now you can spray all day long. But if you don’t get rid of the source going through the pantry looking for outdated, older boxes of whether it’s cream of wheat, or those old ramen noodles, or rice a Roni whatever the case may be and sometimes you can see the larvae at the bottom you can see the bottom of the box might have these little tiny holes in them so go around and check each one of those boxes, look at them, examine them very carefully. And you may even see some of the exit holes for these beetles. But then you might even ask the question, Well how do you get them in the first place? Well, sometimes the larvae can actually be in the in the packages and when you bring them home so they’re already there before you even before you you know even know it they’re already inside of the packages. So really that’s the best thing to do. Now there are some general insecticides that you can spray and but really the one of the best ways is to really finding the source and it’s interesting they call them drugstore beetles is because you know, they they used to infest these drugstore shelves and sometimes they can even eat some of the inert ingredients or some of the additives or fillers that are in medication for prescription medications. So hence you know, they got the name, drugstore beetles, even some poisons they can actually ingest so is this really interesting what these guys can do. But long story short, you don’t want them in your home. And so if you if you have any questions or or any concerns or if you think you’re seeing these, some insects crawling out of your pantry and you clean up in there, they just keep coming. Well, they you might have an issue with some store pantry pest or drugstore beetles and so give lowly Termite and Pest Control a call at something that we will be able to help you with. So here at Lodi pest control we like to say we make pest our problem, not yours. So pick up the phone, give us a call 302-386-3999 or you can visit our website at WWW dot loyalty pest.com So thanks again does just a little short snippet so much more we could talk about drugstore beetles but we just wanted to keep it short and sweet. And thanks for listening in to loyalty Termite and Pest Control podcast. Hope you have a great pest free day

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