Flies and Gnats are Buzzing in Wilmington DE

Hey, once again, everybody, welcome to Loyalty Pest Control in today we’re going to talk a little bit about gnats. Well, gnats, you know, it can really kind of be a general term in reference to a number of small flies that you can find in your home, you ever get home and you buy some groceries or you notice you ever ever get home and you notice that there might be a collection of these tiny little flies maybe by the window or could be floating around your fruits, your fruit basket you know, in these you would say maybe are typical, but sometimes you know, you might see more than usual and, or you realize that oh, maybe I left the potatoes. Some some people store them underneath the sink, or underneath the in a cabinet somewhere, maybe royal one rolled away and rotted. And then next thing you know, you got a huge explosion of, of nets, but interesting enough. So there’s a few types that you know, most people really, you know, would describe or say kind of fall under that category. So you have the the fruit fly, obviously, they’re attracted to fruit, other kind of decaying matter organic matter material, you have the, what’s called the Ford fly. Now the Ford flies usually they’re attached to, you know, maybe like waste, sewage, plumbing, things like that. If there’s a issue with plumbing sometimes, or maybe a break in the in the sewage line somewhere you might get for it flies. Also you have drain flies, same thing that sludge that’s around the drain at the bottom of the drain, surrounding the drain. Those drain flies, some people refer to them as gnats as well but these are drain flies, they are nuisance really nasty. Insects. And the fungus gnat, the fungus net really tiny fungus net primarily really attached to soil or really over watering of a potted plant. Or maybe if you bring a plot potted plant inside, you can have those proliferating flying around there in your home. So there’s a number of ways to treat them to get rid of them. But just briefly, really it is considering the source now you can knock down you can kill a ton of adult flies, you know by different sprays. Some people use for fruit flies, different traps, vinegar, maybe soap in in a container, something that has holes in it. Some people I’ve seen use like a salt and pepper shaker. But you really want to consider the source find the source where these flies are coming from, that’s where the larvae are. And if you can get rid of that, then that’s going to help you to get rid of your your flies. So that just a brief just a few tips. You know if you’re if you have a drain, make sure you make sure that drain is cleaned. Make sure that drain doesn’t have any sludge or any organic material in the sink or in a floor drain particularly sometimes the drain flies you’ll see them coming out of Florida drains make sure it’s cleaned up there are some products that they make like a bio drain or like a gel that you know coats the the surround them around the drain and helps to really dissolve some of that organic material. So just a few tips, few things you can do to help get rid of the flies. Just try to consider the source where they’re coming from. If you can do that, then that’s going to really help you to get rid of your fly population. This is Ceyron  where I like to say we make pest our problem not yours and thanks again for listening.

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