House Mouse or Field Mouse, Are They Here In Wilmington?

Hey, welcome everybody to the thanks for tuning in to Loyalty Termite and Pest Control. Today, we’re just going to talk about a few questions or really one particular question a customer asked me the other day, we caught some mice in the house. And they asked me well, is this the house mouse or field mouse? And I thought that was an interesting little topic to discuss. So, what’s the difference between a house mouse and a field mouse? Well, pretty much it’s in their name, right? So you would, you would assume a house mouse likes to be in the house and a field mouse likes to be in the field. Yeah, that’s true, somewhat true, but they do have similar characteristics, similar qualities. But really, the the physical characteristics looking at them, you can tell the difference. A field mouse, me typically have a brown coat, sometimes a grayish coat. And the underlayment or underbelly may be white.

And typically, the field miles are going to have bigger eyes, you know, you think of you know, it’s it’s dark, it’s out in the field, you know, it’s trying to use all the light that it possibly can get, possibly from the moon and other things like that to you know, avoid predators. So, they are usually better leapers better climbers than the house mouse. And as far as their activity, a field mouse could be comfortable inside of a home. But usually a home with a field or maybe a smaller body of water or something surrounding it, where they can go in and out. And their behavior as far as storing food, they’re a little bit different. So they’re not like the the house mounds where it’ll just, he’ll just eat the food right then and there. And you’ll see the crumbs all over the place of Field Mouse, like when I take it back to where near the nest is, you know, to under the cover of safety and eat the food they’re the the house mouse looks a little different. They’re a little smaller in size, and they might just be one color.

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Usually, they might be gray, they might be like a brownish kind of color. And so you’ll find them Yes, in the house. They love being in your homes and your insulation. Sometimes even if you go in the attic, you can see those little burrows little holes, you know where mice could burrow right into the the insulation, and you’ll see the droppings and it’s not much of a difference between the droppings of a house mouse in a field mouse usually, you can tell by you know, just catching them and visualize and getting a good visual on them to identify what type of mice they are. So hopefully that answers the question. If you have any more questions, please visit us at www dot loyalty Or you can give us a call at 302-386-3999. Here loyalty pass we’d like to say we make past our problem, not yours.

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