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Hey, this is Ceyron again here. We’re Loyalty Pest Control here in Wilmington, Delaware, just here to answer some questions or really talk about some of the things that our customers have been asking us. So, here, and at Loyalty Pest Control, we do a lot of wood destroying insect reports. Before you move into your home, we’ll go and inspect do a thorough inspection to be able to find you know, any wood destroying insects, termites, powderpost beetles, particularly any type, you know, those type of wood boring beetles, like old house boars. And so really that that is the questions you know, someone asked, well, I’m buying an older home. So what type of pest should I be looking out for? Well, as those were mentioned, those wood destroying insects, you know, particularly in older homes, sometimes basements that do not have a, a poured concrete floor, sometimes we can find because of the moisture in that area in those areas. It could be subsets so susceptible to powderpost, beetle damage, or even termite damage in the basement. And what are powderpost beetles, well, these are larvae or larvae really is the what does a lot of the damage will they get into the wood, and they essentially turn the wood into powder, just like almost like a talcum type of powder. So the larvae, you know just gets its nutrients there from inside that wood in it and essentially weakens the beams and if it gets into some something structural definitely could certainly affect the home in a negative way. And it could really be costly as far as damage goes. The other thing if you have an older home where you’d look to another pest to look out for it or a mice, mice, rodents you know, older homes, you know, these mice have had quite some a bit of time to work on the home looking for the entryways or points to be able to get in. And so a thorough inspection could help with that. We’ve noticed any droppings or any entry points or ways that the mice can get in and ceiling up those entry points. Another pest in older Homer squirrels, squirrels definitely they will chew through the the soffit your siding, they make their way into your attic space, make their way into the walls in some cases, and just you know, in the insulation and just really wreaking havoc on the inside of the in the attic space or inside the home. So definitely one of those things that could be a concern when dealing or when when buying an older home when buying an older home, so those are just a few things to consider or to think about. If you’re purchasing an older home, some some pest that could be problems later on down the line. So here at loyally pest control. We like to say we make pest our problem not yours. So please give us a call if you if you’re buying an older home and you want an inspection. You’re you’re you’re you know you’re just you want to be able to you know just pinpoint some areas that could be troublesome. Please give us a call at 302-386-3999

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