We Don’t Like Spiders in Wilmington Delaware!

Hey, this is  Ceyron from Loyalty Pest Control just talking about some questions that some of our customers have had in the field. One of the questions is about spiders. Why am I seeing spiders in my basement? What is going on? Sweat, I get rid of the webs and they come right back. I don’t know what to do. I’m at my wit’s end. Well, a number of reasons. You can have spiders in your basement. We think about it spiders aren’t insects, per se. Yeah, they are arachnids. So they’re a different kind of creature. So a lot of the products and things that you might use, you know, and Home Depot or get from the stores, you know, like bifenthrin, and things like that aren’t necessarily going to be as effective at killing spiders, and some other products or some other ways to do it. Why? Well, spiders, they have very, very fine legs, very, very fine legs, and they, the pesticide or the insecticide doesn’t adhere well, or it will, but it’s just it doesn’t get enough. There’s not a high enough concentration of the pesticide that gets on the spiders to actually kill them. So they’ll crawl right through it and be just fine. You know, really the way other than direct contact, you know, if you directly sprayed on, I’m sure it’ll get them. But once again, these these were these legs are so fine. Now, so to really help, what can really help to control spiders in your basement is controlling their environment. And what I mean by that is the humidity, spiders love humid environments. They just love it. And that’s why a ton of spiders are in the jungle. But if you can control your humidity in your basement, how can you do that? Well, by using a dehumidifier, sending the humidity at around 50% is going to help greatly to reduce the spider spider population. And having you know doing a general spray of a general insecticide. Why? Well because spiders are going to eat smaller insects. So if you get rid of the smaller insects, then it’ll help to get rid of the spiders. So go around, you know if you have a spray, where if you have a pest control technician have him spray. Then the other thing that’s going to help is D webbing. So getting rid of the webs, sucking them up in a vacuum or using what’s called a de Weber it’s a nice little tool to really help wipe away some of those cobwebs that the spiders have formed and making that environment super uncomfortable for them. So that’s just a few things. There’s tons of more ways but you know if you have any other questions, please just give us a call 302386399

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