Wilmington Delaware! Did You Know Yellow Jackets Are Here in the Winter

Hey, this is see Ceyron  with Loyalty Termite and Pest Control in Wilmington, Delaware, and just answering some questions some of our customers have had. So one of the questions is, well, it is October, it’s starting to get cold, maybe even November. Why do I see yellow jackets? Why do I see a why so I thought they were supposed to die over the winter? Well, that’s a really good question. Because typically, they would, if they were white, their nest was somewhere, maybe buried in the ground, or in a tree, buried in the ground, maybe the hollow of a tree, sure. But sometimes, Yellow Jackets can make a nest, even inside of your home. And that one that we’re not aware of you would not be aware of, and you’ll see maybe one or two, they might be struggling to fly as as so to speak. Well, what does that mean as that as the seasons, as the month goes on, and it starts to get colder, colder, usually, it takes about three to four consecutive days, at a temperature around freezing, you know, for the wires actually to completely die off for the nest just not to survive. But you think about it, your home, it stays at a constant temperature, you know, that, you know, maybe 60 to 70 degrees all you know, you know, all year round. So definitely Yellow Jackets could be inside of your walls and you not know it because it’s still a nice little environment for them to be in. And the queen. what she’ll do is she’ll overwinter she’ll find somewhere, it could be in your wall to to overwinter and continue on the population to the next year. So why do you see him well, the house is still a little bit warmer, the the nest has not completely died off, they’re still going to you know proliferate so to speak, they’re still going to be active. Very possible you have a nest somewhere inside your house. So now then it would be a good idea for an exterminator or somebody with some experience to really do a good inspection thorough inspection to see if they can find where this next nest is and get rid of it. Alright, so just another tip or two, from loading, pest control just trying to answer questions from the customers. So if you have any more questions, please give us a call 302363999 Here at Loyalty Pest we’d like to say we make it our pest problem, not yours.

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