Wilmington Delaware has Carpenter Bees!

Hey, this is Ceyron from Loyalty Termite and Pest Control here with another podcast. We’re going to be talking a little bit about some pest issues that some of you may be experiencing right now. It’s the springtime we’re getting into summer. And well, we’re going to call a but what I like to call them B-52s and reason why I just like those B 52 bombers, these bees will come after you, and have you decaying and moving around all over the place. They’re really, they’re really aggressive. But they won’t sting you. What am I talking about? I’m talking about carpenter bees? Whole? Yeah, the infamous carpenter bee. So the carpenter bees? Well, they are looking for a wood surfaces, anywhere surrounding your home? Sure, would they like to be in a tree somewhere? Maybe yes. But you know, they really do like some of the exposed wood or expose timber on the side of your house. So sometimes you may see them in the eaves of your home. With your, how can I say the the the what is it the some of the the siding, the aluminum siding, the roofers will wrap the aluminum siding. But on the other side on the backside of the aluminum siding, sometimes there is exposed wood. And so those carpenter bees, they just have a ball because they’ll drill right into perfectly round hole right into that exposed wood. And usually when they drill in, they’ll go to the left or to the right, just like a 90 degree turn and dig out little channels and little tunnels to where they can deposit their larvae. And they put their larvae in there and they have a little, a little ball of wax. And that is pretty much they they do that to protect the larvae put a little ball of wax in there. And so you’ll see these, these marks, or wood splatter bladders outside of these holes because the bees themselves when they ingested wood, they don’t, they don’t they ingest it, but they don’t digest it. So they excrete it out and you can see the splatter marks. And that’s how kind of we can tell if some holes are have been fresh, or some holes are old. Sorry, if somehow holes are old. And so they also too, you can kind of tell if it’s freshly the hole is new or fresh by the color of the wood on the inside. So if it’s lighter, it’s just like freshly cut wood. And you know, it’s a little lighter, right, it hasn’t oxidized and gotten a little darker. And so you can tell that those are fresher holes. One of the ways that we can get rid of those, one of the really effective ways is there’s a lot of aerosols and sprays and things you can use and those are great because it will kill on boom right on contact phones, different phones that you can use to put in there. And the hole is finding the holes and treating and that’s that’s the really the the most effective way to get rid of carpenter bees. Because you can do a gentle spray and spray the area. But you’re not going to get all the bees you’re just not going to get them all. And so when they go back into those holes, you can have something in there waiting for them and one of the best things to use is a dust that we found. So dusting inside of those holes, finding each one and the dust is good because once the bees go in, they get in contact with the dust and the in the larvae that’s in there already they get in contact with this insecticide does and then kills the larvae kills the bees, then you won’t have the problem anymore. Sometimes filling the holes works pretty well too. But you know, you really want to get rid of kill the bees because or get rid of them because they’re gonna make just make different holes. And also to sometimes, depending on what you fill the wood with, it can be kind of unsightly or not, may not look that great because you have all these little colored patches. So sometimes what we like to use is clear, very clear silicone caulk or clear caulking and then you really can’t tell. So yeah, if you want to get rid of your carpenter bees, listen, we’ve done so many of those jobs, give loyalty Termite and Pest Control a call at 302-386-3999. I’m here at lonely pest we’d like to say we make pest our problem not yours. So if you’re having a problem with those carpenter bees, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at something we can take care of for you. So you won’t have to be ducking and dodging. You can enjoy your outdoor space you can enjoy your outdoor parties, whatever the case may be without having a fear of getting run into or you think you’re gonna get stung by carpenter bees.
So here it is. Well the past we’d like to say we make pesto our problem not yours until we speak again or until another show I have a great past free day

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