Wilmington Delaware Has Mice, Rats and Rodents…Yuck!

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Hi, my name is Ceyron Cran with Loyalty Termite and Pest Control here in Wilmington, Delaware serving Delaware, Chester County, Delaware County, and some parts of Philadelphia. Oh, today want to talk about mice, and why they are such a nuisance. Will the nuisance of course, join your food, food products, food and why they’re such a nuisance.

Obviously, the damage to your food, the food products, not only the food for you, but for your pets as well dog and cat food. They’re nibbling all over the food. You know why else mice are such a nuisance, and you really don’t want a mouse infestation in your home? Well think about it mice, they live about nine to 12 months. And in that nine to 12 months, they become active about six weeks after they’re born sexually mature. So they become sexually mature about six to eight, six weeks. And mice, they become sexually mature six weeks after they’re born, they can have five to six young. And they can do that about eight different times a year. So do the math. You could have 40 or more mice in your home in less than a year. And that’s just from one mouse.

That is something else. And that’s just from one mouse. Well, do you want that type of infestation in your home? Absolutely not. And not to mention the diseases.

And not to mention mice are not only a nuisance because of the damage that they can do to your home, but also the damage that they can do to your health. There are a number of diseases that might cause such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonella, the list goes on and on, there are over 35 or more different diseases that are known to be caused from mice.

Don’t take your chances handling an infestation like that on your own. And mice leave droppings and urine everywhere they go. And it’s especially dangerous when it’s dry. Because those particles can become airborne. Could you imagine if there was a mouse infestation in a ventilation system in your home?

Here at loyalty, Termite and Pest Control, we understand mouse behavior, we won’t come in and just do a once over of your home? No, we will do a complete 58 Point pest survey and analysis of your home and property. But we also have an entomologist on staff. So any issue or problem that arises within your home, we’ll be able to help you solve it. So pick up the phone, give loyalty Termite and Pest Control a call now at 302-386-3999. Again, that’s 302-386-3999 Do you want your home back? Do you want to get rid of those mice and make your home a safe haven once again, we’ll pick up the phone and call loyalty Termite and Pest Control today. We can be reached at 302-386-3999 or visit our website to check out some of our reviews and see what some of our customers have been saying about us. Also, too, we have a guarantee that is unmatched in the industry. Well, what is it? If you hire us to come out and treat for your mouse problem and you’re not 100% Happy in 30 days, we’ll come out and retreat for absolutely free. And we’ll keep on retreating until you’re 100% happy. But if for some reason you’re still not happy. We’ll return every single penny that you pay for your pest control service. Plus, we’ll give you $25 Just on top for your time. That’s how confident we are here at loyalty pest control that will take care of that problem for you. So don’t delay. Give us a call 302-386-3999

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